Sarawynn of Tarank goes Skyclad


Even in the most violent times, there is time for peace, relaxation, and time to savor the natural world. The hardiest adventurers need to take a moment to enjoy their time in the sun, so when Sarawynn of Tarank finally gets a place of safety, and peace, she welcomes that time gratefully. She has to be so careful all the time, that a simple time when she can take off her cloak and her armor and enjoy the feel of the air brushing against her bare skin is a treasure in itself. For those given the chance to see her so skyclad it is an experience for them as well, as few are unaffected by her beauty.

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Blood, Lust, and Magic with Orias


Even in our world, there are things that cannot be bought, or bartered for, and even the lusts of the body cannot sate the needs. There are those that delve into the darker arts, and mix the magic of their lust with the essence of their body, and the need for the fell things. They corrupt the flesh, and with their lust they bring out all that is impure in the blood and in the body. Those are the ones you must beware, because if you tarry with them, you may forfeit more than a portion of your body.

Orias of Zeng found that there is so much more when you combine the lust of the body with the blood, powered by the fire of magic. She grows hungrier for more each time though, as such cravings always grow stronger when you use the blood of another to fuel such unnatural sexual hungers. She may have a body that appears pure of flesh, but deep down she is corrupt, as she delights in using blood as her power and her lube when she feels it coursing down her body. Both hungers end up dark as she plays with herself, and the blood and her fluids mix together and bring her to higher plateaus that cost a greater part of her soul.

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Warrior Woman Nevaeh

For the powerful warrior women, there is a necessity to learn when less is more. They must protect themselves from those that would try to take advantage of them, but they also must use their body’s lusts in order to provide the distraction and as their own weapons. A few women have mastered that balance of sword, shield, and body to become some of the most dangerous opponents in the fantasy worlds.

The warrior woman Navaeh may be new to the techniques of her school of fighting, but she has a natural talent and sexuality that few can oppose. Those that best her and force her to discard her armor may think they have won, but that is just her way of reinforcing her power. The less she wears, the more dangerous she is, and when she has fully exposed her full breasts and the treasures between her thighs she becomes a fighting demon that few can oppose.

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Sexy Winter Gets Facial

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In the sex RPG world of Arta, sex is the most important thing for survival. This is how magice can be transferred in its purest form through orgasm. Winter is one of the strongest women in her small area of the planet and it is up to her to defend the region against evil. Even though Winter is not strong on her own, as a elf from the Geisians sect she is able to draw magice from all forms of life and the earth itself.

The sexy Bare Maiden sees a wood cutter in her forest and immediately begins to draw out his magice so her reseveres of power. The sneaks up on him and takes his big cock into her mouth. That pointy elfin tongue is perfect for licking right under the human’s cock head. Then the dirty redhead elf gets on a fur and tells the guy to fuck her tight pussy.

Redhead Druid Samyn

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Samyn is a sexy redhead druid who comes from the Barbarian sect of Bare Maidens. You would never suspect that this elfin babe is a time bomb of emotional rage and lust just waiting to go off. She is out in the her element in these sex RPG movies. Most of the time, Samyn is carefree and enjoys being alone and forgetting about the fate of their realm. It doesn’t take long before this redhead gets fired up at Empress Inarzia though.

Once the druid is in a rage, the entire balance around her shifts and she unleashes wild energy. In Arta, the only way to make sure that this energy is contained is by controlling it through orgasmagice. To survive this sex RPG, Samyn must find a men or another Bare Maiden to fuck and make all her Barbarian elf rage channel out in a fit of hot passion through her wet pussy.

Hot and Sexy Sorceress Lykri

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Lykri may be of the human species but she is still one of the best sorceresses in Arta. In this sex RPG, you are going to love fantasizing about Lykri and all her dirty powers of magice. This gorgeous fantasy babe is responsible for getting all four sects of the Bare Maidens into one alliance so that they can be prepared to stand against the Empress Inarzia.

In order for the Artarian sorceress women to gain true power, they must share their magice with one another and keep it stored within. The only true way to share the energy is to have wild sex with each other. In the sex RPG, you will see many hot elfin lesbians and babes with magical powers. These videos will give you the details on just how all those powers are used to make their sexy magic makes cum all over.

Warrior Keemly Unleashes Sexual Energy

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So long as Inarzia is the Empress, there will be a need for warriors. Keemly is one of the mightiest Bare Maiden warriers but she is held back by her humbleness. This sexy fantasy babe is one of the hottest in the sex RPG version of World of Warcraft. She is shy though and hides behind her layers of swords and sheaths.

In Arta, unleashing sexual energy is important to gaining strength through magice. The only way that Keemly can truly be a great warrior is to make her tight elf pussy cum. In these videos, the sexy RPG warrior is going off to battle. Before she can fight, the girl has to put down her sword and indulge in the pleasures of the flesh. You would think that Bare Maiden Keemly was from the Hedonist sect by the way she plays with herself!

Sexy Rogue Ipia

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Ipia is a dangerous rogue because she is very agile and has an unhindered stamina. This sexy elf doesn’t need to be physically strong in order to take her enemies by surprise and suck down their magice powers. Even though most rogues don’t rely on their intellect, Ipia is one cunning bitch. She knows just how to seduce a man and take all his life juices in one gulp.

Once Ipia has found her victim, a fresh young male who is preferably virgin, she slowly stalks up on him like a cat. I bet you’ve already fantasized about fucking a sneaky rogue like Ipia! In this sex RPG, the rogue’s entire magice level depends on how much sperm she is sucking down. You just have to be careful with a naughty Bare Maiden like Ipia. In this sex RPG, she has the power to suck a man completely dry of magice.

Naughty Druid Danni Cole

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Sexy Danni Cole is a hot but naughty druid whose task is to keep the order of Arta. Because druids draw their magice powers from wild nature, Danni Cole must enjoy nature at its rawest. That means this horny fantasy babe gains true strength through uninhibited sex. In this video from the Bare Maidens, the sexy druid is trying to call upon the forest spirits for guidance and isn’t having any success.

She knows there is only one thing to do in order to make her powers come back full force. Danni takes out a little magical rod and warms it in her mouth. Then she begins to pet her pussy lips until they are juicy wet and slides the toy up her druid snatch. Once Danni Cole unleashes the power of orgasmagice, she truly radiates and is at the height of her lusty powers.

Fuckable Paladin Brea Lynn

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This sex RPG gets hot with Brea Lynn as a Paladin. The blonde fantasy babe is a truly virtuous defender of Arta and its four sects of Bare Maidens. Even though this girl knows how to be tough and is not afraid to put her sword to use, she has a sensuous side full of compassion. The moment that this sexy Paladin sees a hard cock, she wants to share her orgasmic magice with it in a hardcore fantasy fucking.

In this sex rpg version of World of Warcraft, the feisty warrior is going off to battle. She had no man around the fuck and not even another sexy Bare Maiden. In order to make sure her powers are at their height, the hot Paladin has to masturbate her tight little pussy. She gets out a vibrating toy to put in her pink lips and start unleashing all the magice within.

Ava Rose must learn how to selflessly fuck

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Ava Rose is a gorgeous cleric with a high level of magice and orgasmagice. Even though she is so strong, her compassion and loyalty are lacking. While this will not affect the sexy Bare Maiden now, it will destroy her in the long run. For an Artarian woman to truly utilize all the powers of magice, she must generate and transmit her sexual prowess.

Obviously, Ava Rose has an intense sexuality that steams out of her every single pore and causes the weak Artarian men to fall at her feet. Without compassion, however, there can be no true orgasmagice. Ava Rose must learn how to selflessly fuck the men and Bare Maidens of her world in order to unleash their inner powers. When you play this sex RPG, you will surely find a way to help Ava Rose master her powers. All she needs is to go from a seductive slut to a powerful lover.

Magical Ava Rose Sucks and Fucks

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Avarose is a hedonist and a true believer that the power of magîce comes from the flesh itself. She takes pride in her sexuality and uses her ripe young body to suck the power out of Artarian men. Even though Avarose mostly cares about indulging her powers in this sex rpg, she is an enemy of Inarzia and wants to see the Empress defeated.

Even though there is an evil streak in this sexy Bare Maiden, she knows that hedonism cannot exist in the face of pure evil. Here, Avarose is furthering her powers by taking a man’s cock in her hands and stroking the meat while kissing its head with her soft lips. For each moan of pleasure, Avarose becomes stronger. Just imagine all the magîce being stored up. She can use this energy whenever she wants- including during her wildest orgasms to make her pussy really gush.

Sexy Warrior Anielle

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Anielle is one of the most gorgeous and conflicted warriors of the fantasy sex rpg. This blonde babe was once part of the Mages sect. Her powers of concentration and focus were strong enough to make her a warrior while still just a child and the magîce only grew stronger as she reached maturity. Inarzia was not only jealous of the sexy warrior for her beauty, but the Artarian empress also feared Anielle.

She worried that one day the warrior would surpass her and take over as the leader of Arta. Before that could happen, Inarzia captured the young warrior and made her a slave. She was forbidden to practice magîce unless it was to be harnessed for the empress’s own evil plans. Not completely able to control her powerful slave girl, Empress Inarzia makes the captured girl wander naked and serve her lust in the sex rpg.

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